Monday, March 8, 2010

S&P doji's. RIMM and MET +5%. Casinos setting up. and what is that tail on POT?

Fun day on the markets today! Kind of what I was expecting on the S&P. Still thinking itll go down a bit more before we see another bull rush through the previous high. That being said, there was a pretty good amount of breakouts and very nice technical setups coming through. RIMM is up 5.6%, MET also up at alittle over 5%. Those were the two notable ones I had come across today.

Some nice setups coming out of the casino industry also. WYNN is in mid-stride of its triangle, LVS is at the top end of its symmetrical, along with MGM.

PS. POT had a tick down to below the 20's. What is that?

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