Tuesday, March 9, 2010

AIG jumps, TM recalls.

Quick little update for the night. AIG stacks it tall today going over 12%, TM says future recalls for the Prius, and if thats anything like the pedal recall, should be another downfall there.

LVS had its full breakout today, with a slight pullback toward late in the day, which was one of my pattern setups from yesterday. TOL also broke out of its symmetrical triangle with good volume to support. RYL has at its resist currently, and is rising aggressively with just about average volume. YUM took a giant jump up on alittle over 2x volume.

I'd keep my eye on RYL tomorrow to see what happens with opening and if it breaks the resist, but there were a good amount of breakouts today on low volume.

See y'all at opening bell tomorrow!

PS- FF13 is out :D

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